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Join a Tread

Participants float, tread, and raise awareness!

Raising funds online is easy to do through our online system. Treaders ask for donations from family, friends, neighbors, and businesses while making them aware of the toll drowning takes on children and families globally. Donors make donations in support of preventing drownings online on your personalized donation page. Half of the donations raised go to your team and half go to the International Water Safety Foundation to help support drowning prevention intervention projects around the world. Click here to join a current Tread-A-Thon!


Host A Tread

Hosting a Tread-A-Thon™ is as easy as dedicating a practice or part of your practice. We invite age group, Masters, summer, youth league, triathletes, learn-to-swim, water aerobics and any other water-based program to support the International Water Safety Foundation by hosting a Tread-A-Thon. Click here to host a Tread-A-Thon!



The International Water Safety Foundation is a 501(c)3 US non profit organization. Donate directly to the foundation and make an impact in water safety education and awareness. Click here to make a donation!